Student Leaders 2021

Congratuations to our 2021 DMPS Student Leaders! This year, we are beginning a leadership program designed to empower all our senior students to work hard and be kind. Read more to find out about our 2021 leaders.

Our 2021 Leaders: 

Student Leaders: Omnia, Abdirahman, Henna and Nour Al-Deen

Wellbeing Leaders: Sumaya, Abdisamid and Rahmo

PE Leaders: Rayan, Hamza and Guuleed 

Art Leaders:
Adna, Naima and Fadumo

Sustainability Leaders: Mariyam, Ash and Nadine 

Library Leaders: Aj, Vy and Khadija

To learn more about being a leader at DMPS, stay tuned for some educational videos directed by our student leaders.


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