‘Where thinkers come to grow and create’

This award is recognition for the great work that DMPS does in supporting our early learners. A big congratulations to all our fantastic DMPS Early Years team!   

This award recognises the programs Debney Meadows Primary School offers in Foundation – Year 2, where an inquiry approach is used. This is based on the understanding that every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential, and that it is this innate curiosity which drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it. We come from the belief that children show their understanding, and express their thoughts and creativity, in many different ways. There is a strong focus on social collaboration and working in groups, where each child is an equal participant, having their thoughts and questions valued.

At Debney Meadows Primary School we place a strong emphasis on developing literacy, numeracy and metacognition through meaningful contexts. The inquiry languages program incorporates drawing, sculpture, dramatic play, writing and painting to represent children's thinking processes and ideas. As children explore problems and ideas, they are encouraged to depict their understanding using many different representations.  As their thinking evolves, they are encouraged to revisit their creation to determine if it is representative of their intent or if it requires modifications. Teachers and children work together towards an expressed intent. The Inquiry Centres (or Thinker’s Labs) allow for guided practise of language and thinking skills.

Also in 2018, staff undertook specialised training in the implementation of the world-renowned Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) standard and basic programs. FIE is an evidence-based program designed to mediate the thinking skills of students across a wide spectrum, from those requiring additional support to those who need enrichment and extension. This progressive program will be implemented across F-6. In the middle years, the Thinker’s Lab will be undertaken by all students’ twice weekly, utilising specialised instruments developed by the Feuerstein Institute in conjunction with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Students’ individual needs will be identified and supported through additional intervention and enrichment sessions.  

In addition to the Thinker’s Lab, an innovative electives program will also be delivered in 2019 in 3-6 learning community. The decision for this is based on a synthesis of ‘Attitudes to School Survey’ data, student feedback, and exploration of current best practice. The implementation of these programs aligns strongly with the school values of Learn and Future, and with our ultimate goal for all students at DMPS to attend university.

At Debney Meadows Primary School, We have high expectations of students, staff and families and provide quality experiences with challenging personal learning goals as well as effective feedback for our community of learners. We continually strive to ensure high levels of literacy and numeracy which are taught explicitly as well as integrated into the inquiry process through transdisciplinary learning opportunities.

Look forward to meeting you!

Rachel Rasmussen
Principal- Acting

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