Attitudes to School Survey

We value student and community feedback at Debney Meadows Primary School. The Attitudes to School Survey, being undertaken by students in 4-6 on Friday 31st of May, is one of the many ways we seek student feedback at DMPS.

The Attitudes to School Survey is a confidential survey offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students' perceptions and experience of school. Our school will use the survey results to plan programs and activities to improve your child's schooling experience. For example, we used last year’s results to support our decision to:


  • Start the Electives program in 3-6
  • Re-start Breakfast Club
  • Start Homework Club
  • Improve the safety and options for playing in our playground

The survey results will be reported back to the school before the end of Term 2. All survey data that is made available in reports are for groups of students only so that no individual student can be identified.

In July, we will be seeking feedback from our parent and carer community to support the insights we have gained from our students. 


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