Assessment & Reporting

Teachers at DMPS regularly collect evidence of student learning achievement in order to track student growth and progress. Data is used by teachers and teams to inform long-term and weekly planning for effective teaching at the point of need.

Teachers follow our school Assessment Schedule to collect timely data on student learning progress across the school year. Student reading progress is tracked using the Fountas and Pinnell benchmarking system each term. Teachers meet in teams at a minimum of once a term to analyse writing samples and determine future teaching based on individual and group needs.

Teachers use a Maths Online Interview to track student conceptual understanding in Mathematics. This 1:1 interview provides teachers with a host of information about student understanding in number and other mathematics areas, including space and measurement.

In Years 2 - 6, students participate in online Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) three times a year in Reading and Mathematics. This assessment provides insight around how students are performing compared to their peers across Australia. The subsequent data is then analysed by teachers to inform future teaching.

Teachers conduct individual conferences with students in reading and writing on a regular basis. Students negotiate personal learning goals and the teacher provides targeted instructional teaching to support students in achieving these goals.



Each May, students in years 3 and 5 undertake the National NAPLAN tests in Language Conventions, Writing, Reading and Mathematics. These tests are conducted Australia wide and provide a means of comparing students against State and National Benchmarks and identify student growth from Year 3 to Year 5. Data from these tests is available to schools in August of each year.



Written Reports
A detailed written report is created for every student in June and December. This report provides information on student achievements to the Victorian Curriculum, focus areas for improvement, attendance and suggestions on how parents can support their child’s learning in the home.

A student reflection on their learning achievements and future goals is also included in the report.


Start Up Conferences
In term 1 of each new school year, parents are invited to school to attend Start Up Conferences with teachers. These conferences are a chance for teachers and parents to continue building partnerships to meet the needs of each child. Information is shared about student home learning and reading habits, interests, parental concerns and any additional information that the school would benefit from being aware of.


Three Way Conferences
During the year, families are invited to the school to participate in Three Way Conferences between the parent/guardian, teacher and student.

These conferences are largely student led with a focus on sharing learning milestones and achievements. Time is also allocated for the development of future goals with input from all key stakeholders. There is also opportunity for parents/guardians to ask questions.

If parents/guardians require additional information about the progress of their child, they may also contact the school on 9376 1570 to



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