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Welcome to Debney Meadows Primary School. Our school provides a diverse, challenging and supportive learning environment with high expectations. We learn together, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our school expectations are the basis of the actions of the whole school community – Excellence, Learn, Voice, Future.

The primary school years provide the foundation for children’s learning and we offer an engaging and stimulating learning environment in which this can occur. The focus of our teaching and learning is to optimise literacy and numeracy outcomes. International research clearly shows that literacy outcomes are one of the greatest determinants of student success beyond primary school, and it is this knowledge that drives the successful teaching approaches implemented.

All of our children are involved in a range of activities that supplement the learning they do in the classroom – camps, excursions, sporting opportunities, performance and art programs, and lunchtime clubs and activities. The specialist programs we run include Visual Art, LOTE (Mandarin) and Physical Education. 

Whole school events such as book week, literacy and numeracy week, our school Fete and Art Week, are opportunities for parents, staff and students to work together. The school is supported by an active parent community and the subcommittees of our School Council are avenues for parent involvement in the school, as are our working bees and classroom helper programs. Parents have opportunities to assist with camps, excursions, sports teams, special days and general classroom assistance.

I welcome your enrolment in our primary school and look forward to developing a valued and positive relationship with you and your child.

Rachel Rasmussen
Principal- Acting 

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