School Profile


Debney Meadows Primary School is an inner-city school located on the edge of Debney's Park and close to the Flemington Housing Estate. DMPS has a long and proud history of serving and educating the local community. The school prides itself on innovative teaching and assessment practices that aim to cater to the individual learning needs of each and every child.


Our philosophy is built on the belief that students learn best when they have a strong sense of belonging to their classroom, and when they have pride in their school. DMPS students are encouraged to be active independent learners, who set goals and challenge themselves in order to achieve personal excellence. We demonstrate a commitment to providing a rich and rigorous curriculum within a safe, orderly and outcome-driven learning community. We strive to provide a supportive, nurturing and challenging learning environment, with high expectations for student success. We support students to reach their potential, regardless of their background, postcode or circumstance, and to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to participate and thrive in a complex society.

The pedagogical focus is to provide an inclusive teaching and learning program, with consistent, collaborative teaching to best meet the needs of all students and to capitalise on the collective strengths of teams of teachers.

At DMPS, learning is a team effort. We aim to build caring and respectful relationships between school, students and families so that our young people develop resilience and independence. We strive to cultivate an environment where learning is meaningful, collaborative and relevant; where curiosity and critical thinking is encouraged.

In line with State Government initiatives, DMPS supports the Victorian Curriculum. Composite classes operate across the school from Foundation through to Grade 6. We are very fortunate to have a caring, highly trained, hardworking, experienced, committed and professional staff that is willing to contribute far above what would normally be expected. They are dedicated to developing each child’s potential and strive to achieve best practice in their approach to teaching and learning. They facilitate each student's learning by providing a challenging curriculum that is personalised to the needs of each student. 

DMPS believes that the foundation for successful teaching and learning is the process upon which teachers and students work together to build inclusive learning environments in all classrooms. To that end, our Supporting Positive Behaviours Strategy provides the scaffold for this to occur. In addition, we offer specialised programs in visual arts, physical education and Mandarin. We also believe that students learn best in a supportive learning environment that caters for all students' needs by building on the knowledge and skills that each student already possesses.

So what makes us different?

Our small size enables us to get to know and cater to your child as an individual. We work hard to build relationships with students and families at our school – not just academically but to support them in all facets of their development. We offer classes with multiple teachers, each of whom understands your child as both a person and a learner. We are strongly focused on developing your child’s reading skills and have implemented a targeted reading program across the school to ensure that all students succeed.

Most importantly, we believe in the idea that “it takes a village to raise a child”. We understand that we are part of the village that raises your child, and we strongly value the relationships that we build with you to help raise a happy, successful child.


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