F-2 News

During Term 3, we have been reading and writing about characters. F1J students have developed their ability to respond to texts. We are looking into how characters feel and what they do. We are using evidence from the text and what they know from their own lives about feelings. F1J are continuing to develop positive independent learning traits, such as selecting just right books and being focused during reading time. 

DMPS recently had a character parade. It was great to see the students dress up as their favourite characters books they have read or know. In F1J we used the experience to write a recount.

We have been growing Lima Beans and checking in on progress. F1J students are using the experience to prompt writing, as well as learning about science. They are also making connections between the experience and texts about the topic.



In Mathematics we are learning to add and subtract using strategies such as counting on and counting back. This term we have learnt about the seasons of the year and matched them to their own experiences. We have also learnt about length, including comparing the size of classroom objects.


This term, in mathematics, we have just finished learning about efficient addition and subtraction strategies. We have been practising counting on and counting back, using number bonds and using our knowledge of place value to solve equations using efficient strategies. We have just begun studying multiplication and division. We have started looking at making groups of using different materials.


During this term, the students have been exploring various types of texts we see in everyday life. This includes procedural texts through following recipes and science experiments, narrative texts through analysing fairy-tale stories and creating original characters, and persuasive texts through unpacking vocabulary and the simulation of informal debates.


In 1/2 T, we are currently learning about persuasive texts and how to convince or persuade others to side with their opinions. Students have been learning that whilst everybody may have differing opinions, it is of the utmost importance to be kind, respectful and let everybody have their say. Students are making connections by exploring how to justify their opinions with supportive arguments, one such student responded with, “dogs are better than cats because they are loyal, active and always want to play”. Students are making relevant connections with the Victorian Curriculum through creating contexts, responding to literature and using their student voice to enact change.




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