3-6 News

The 3-6 community has had a fantastic first half of term 2 and have welcomed several new students into our school.

Learning in the Classroom – Literacy and Numeracy

3/4: In Literacy, we are developing readers as writers and writers as readers. Students have been working on developing characters for their narratives through reading the book Because of Winn-Dixie and investigating the characters in it. The book club have been powering their way through Toppling, meeting once a week to discuss and engage in conversation around the book. In numeracy, students have been working on developing efficient strategies for addition and subtraction. So far, we have investigated the strategies of ‘Build to 10’ and ‘Partitioning’.

5/6: In Literacy, we are working on improving writing through exploring ‘sizzling starts’, where by boring infromative text starts such as ‘One day…’ or ‘The moon is a satellite...’ are banned. Students involved in Reading Circle are almost at the end of their book Wonder and have also been analysing characters and author’s choices. In Numeracy, students have been using a fraction kit to name and order fractions and to find equivalent fractions.

Student Voice in partnership with La Trobe University
Students in 3/4A and our school student leaders were very privileged to be part of a project with a group of urban planning students from La Trobe University in Week 4. Our students were involved with voicing their opinions on the positive elements of our school’s outdoor space and their wishes for the future development of our school environment.


In term 2, our four electives are Leadership, 100 Stories of DMPS, Cooking and City Building.

- In the Leadership elective, students have been working on developing their communication skills and looking at traits of a leader. They will be taking charge of organising and hosting the end of term Twilight picnic for the DMPS community.

- In the 100 Stories of DMPS elective, students are working towards creating a collection of life stories of the DMPS community. They have been writing questions and interviewing students, parents and teachers, to find out more about the diverse background and lives around us.

- The cooking elective has been busy in the kitchen baking scones and making homemade pasta. Through these foods, students have been learning kneading skills. In future weeks, students will be making pizza muffins for the Early Years.

- In week 6, the City Building elective went on an excursion to the Metro Tunnel HQ in Melbourne City. They jumped on the tram and spent the morning finding out more about the Metro Tunnel Project – its purpose and how the tunnels are being made. Students also investigated how transportation has changed from the past and how it might change in the future.


Mount Atkinson

In Week 2, students in 3/4A went on an excursion to Mount Atkinson where students were involved in bike riding, art making and outdoor play. Through play and fun activities, students developed communication skills, teamwork skills and demonstrated perseverance and risk-taking. Students from 5/6L will be heading to Mount Atkinson in week nine.



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