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Sturt Desert Peas and Eucalyptus Learning Update:


NAPLAN, Eid and lockdowns, oh my! 


What an incredible Term 2 we have had. 


This term, we have continued to work hard and be kind, while rebuilding our stamina for independent learning. 




In reading we have been:

  • Solving words - Great readers can use a wide range of strategies and knowledge of word parts. 

  • Summarising - Great readers can identify and summarise the main message of a text.

  • Predicting - Great readers can make predictions before, during and after reading. They use what they know about texts, knowledge of their own experiences and how the world works.

  • Making Connections - Great readers make connections between a text and their own lives, other known texts and the world around them.

  • Inferring - Great readers can make inferences about the problem and settings in a text.


In writing we have been: 

  • Planning - Great writer's collect and expand on ideas in our Writer's Notebook.
  • Drafting - Great writers create multiple drafts of a letter. 
  • Revising - Great writers revise their letters.


In maths we have been: 

  • Adding - Great mathematicians solve a range of addition equations efficiently. 
  • Subtracting - Great mathematicians solve a range of subtraction equations using an efficient strategy. 
  • Measuring - Great mathematicians accurately measure using the most efficient tools. 
  • Graphing - Great mathematicians represent their data in a range of ways. 
  • Time-telling - Great mathematicians tell time to the minute (analogue and digital). 



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