3-6 News

The 3-6 community has had an amazing return to face-to-face learning. 


Learning in the classroom 


This term, Grades 3/4 and 5/6 have welcomed many new faces to our classrooms and have been developing our ability to learn respectfully, think critically and work collaboratively. We have rebuilt our stamina for independent reading, writing and mathematics, in preparation for the transition to our new grades in 2021. 


In reading, we have been celebrating the power of a good book as we have worked to build a successful reading life. As a class, we read The Witches and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. In writing, both classes created exceptional suites of poetry. Students explored the importance of language conventions and the way language can help us to make our words soar.  


In maths, we explored strategies to improve our efficacy in solving multiplication and division problems. Grade 3/4 explored the properties and characteristics of a range of shapes. Grades 5/6 designed and conducted surveys to collect categorical and numerical data, and represented our data is a wide range of graphs. 


Beach Excursion 


In week 8, students in Grades 3-6 participate in a Beach Excursion to promote awareness and safety around the water. Despite unfavourable weather conditions, almost all students and teachers were spotted sporting a smile and even managed to get into the water! 



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