Mount Atkinson Program

This year, the 3-6 Learning Community has had the opportunity to visit Mount Atkinson and participate in adventure activities. At Mount Atkinson, students are encouraged to explore, work collaboratively to push themselves outside their comfort zones.

The 5/6's have focused on bike riding as a way to achieve the goals of developing resilience, persistence and friendships. They will visit Mount Atkinson once a term, with both a camp and family celebration day planned for Term Four. The 3/4's visited Mount Atkinson in Term Two as a adjunct to their Healthy Hat Tricks program, focusing on nature play and team work. 

Visiting Mount Atkinson has enabled students to explore unfamiliar environments and landscapes. Opportunities for nature play, such as building tree forts, chasing rabbits, racing down hills and clambering over rocks are rare and extremely important for childhood development, so we are thrilled to be able to offer this program to students in our inner city community. 


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