An evaluation of the 2017 and 2018 ‘Attitudes to School’ survey data emphasised that the Debney Meadows Primary School middle years team is continuing to provide a safe and engaging community for learning. To further support the development of student engagement and agency, the Middle Years team has implemented an Electives program. This innovative program is student-led, with the middle year’s students selecting the elective topics and driving their learning through the inquiry model. The elective program enables students to work with a range of peers, tackle real world problems, such as how to budget or advocate for issues they are passionate about.

In Term One, students participated in one of four electives: Music Mayhem, Maker’s Market, Enterprise Cafe and Journalism. Students across all electives reported high levels of cognitive and behavioural engagement.


In Term Two, students have had the opportunity to participate in one of four electives: 100 Stories of Debney Meadows, City Building, Leadership, and Enterprising Cafe.  These electives have been developed to enable students to: experience and develop enterprising behaviour, develop agency through planning, guiding and developing their own actions within their chosen elective, and participate in subjects that have strong connections between real life and the Victorian Curriculum.


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