Grade F-2

Grade FT and 1S Remote Learning Pack


Your child’s remote learning pack consists of:

  • 2x remote learning Books
    • 1x Scrap Book
    • 1x Lined Writing Book
    • 1x Handwriting book
  • 2x grey lead pencils
  • 1x pack of coloured pencils + pencil sharpener
  • 1x glue stick
  • 1x pair of scissors
  • 1x set of extra handwriting practice pages
  • 1x booklet of activity worksheets
  • Login details for:
    • SeeSaw (online classroom where work will be posted and students can share)
    • Reading Eggs
    • Mathletics


Seesaw will be the primary mode of communication with your child during the remote learning period.

You and your child can communicate with their teacher and classmates through the SeeSaw platform.

Each day, SeeSaw will be used to link to live lessons, provide materials for student work and communicate learning expectations.

Students and families can ask questions through private messaging or by posting on the class page. They can also share their work by taking photos or screenshots and uploading SeeSaw.

To access SeeSaw, you will need to:

  • Download the seesaw application on your or your child’s device (smart phone or tablet)
    • Details on how to do this are included in this pack



Read with or to your child everyday.

There are lots of online books available if you don’t have access to hard copies.


Before reading each book:

  • Ask your child to make a prediction about the book.
    • What could this story be about?
  • Have your child identify what is in the pictures.
  • Encourage your child to make connections to their own experiences.

During reading:

  • Have your child identify ‘the same’ words across different pages (sight words).
  • Encourage your child to use the pictures to work out the words.
  • Ask your child to sound out words that they cannot use the pictures to work out.

After reading each book:

  • Discuss the book with your child:
    • Ask what happened in the story (beginning, middle and end).
    • Was their prediction correct? Why/why not?
    • What was the problem and how was it solved?
    • Have they had a similar experience/how can they relate to the book?
  • Write a sentence about the book:
    • Copy a sentence from the book.

Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress:

Reading Eggs is an online reading program which can be used online or through an application. Login details are provided in your child’s remote learning Pack.

  • Tasks will be set on a need basis at your child’s level.
    • These will need to be completed before they can enter free play mode.
    • Please try not to instruct your child too much, as they should be working at their level of instruction.



Your child should be writing everyday. Specific writing tasks will be posted on SeeSaw.

Below are some ideas for writing to get you started.


Write about something they have done. Ask ‘W’ questions (who, where, what, when, why).

  • Draw one picture for each question.
  • Write one sentence for each question.

Book/Movie/TV Show Response:

Write a response to a book they have read or a TV show they have watched.

  • Write a different ending
  • Change the characters or make up their own character based on the theme (e.g. Monsters Inc.)
  • Write a letter to a character


Write letters to friends, family, teachers, authors etc.

Other Activities:

  • Practice letter formations
    • Focus on lower case letters
  • Number formations
  • Fine motor skills
    • Cutting and gluing
    • Using tweezers
    • Craft activities
    • Colouring



Daily tasks will be posted on SeeSaw.

Additional ideas:

  • Number Jacks and Number Blocks on Youtube
  • Counting one to one of any concrete materials e.g. lego, toys, food, pencils, stickers etc. Anything they can move with their hands.
  • Play board games
  • Cooking and baking using measuring
  • Making, copying and completing patterns
  • Measure things around the house, using hands, feet or other objects



Tasks will be posted on SeeSaw.


Encourage your child to engage in creative activities, many ideas can be found online for free.

  • Put on some music and make up a dance
  • Sing along to your favourite song
  • Free drawing
  • Craft activities
  • Playdough and clay
  • Pretend play
  • Act out a fairy tale or story
  • Make music on Garageband (free on iPad)


  • Yoga and Mindfulness
    • GoNoodle
    • Cosmic Kids (youtube)
  • Family walk
  • Dancing
  • Playing outside
    • Hide and seek
    • Make up movement patterns
    • Running, skipping or hopping races


Seesaw for learning updates and private communication:




Reading Eggs:



Other useful websites:


Storyline – An online collection of books that are read to students:


Sunshine Online – An online collection of books:


Storybox – An online collection of books that are read to students:


Scholastic Online – Free online books:


Vooks – An online collection of books that are animated for students:


Epic Books – Free online books:


Khan Academy – Online Maths Resources:


Maths Playground – For educational maths games:


Brainpop Jr. – A collection of resources for additional Inquiry learning:


Year Foundation Closure Packs:


Year 1 Closure Packs:


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