Term Three in Bottlebrush and Banskia has been a challenging term, with a return to remote learning. Despite these challenges, with the ongoing support of our families, Homework Club volunteers and school staff, all students within the junior school have shown tremendous resiliance and determination. We are extremely proud of all of our Banskia and Bottlebrush students and their achievements during this remote learning period.


In Literacy, students within Bottlebrush and Banksia have focused on nonfiction texts. Students have been exploring the language and text features of these texts, and have begun exploring how to write a procedural text (eg. a recipe). In Bottlebrush, Melissa taught the class how to play a game of snap and how to make the perfect cup of tea. In response, the students were challenged to teach both Melissa and Louise how to do something they were good at. Students took pictures of the steps involved in the activity and used sequencing words to show the order. In the picture, Zuhayba created a text showing how to draw a person.


In Banskia, students have been exploring how to add details to their writing. They have been learning about using adverbs and adjectives to describe how a step in a routine needs to be completed. In the picture, Siham uses an adverb to describe how the person is mixing.


In Mathematics, students from Bottlebrush and Banksia have been exploring measurment. Students in Bottlebrush acted as measurement detectives, finding objects around the house to compare length, mass and capacity. In the picture, Redwan compared the length of his foot to that of the remote. He found the remote was longer than his feet.



In Banskia, students investigated using unifrom units (eg. teaspoons) to measure the length, mass and capacity of objects around the house. In the picture, Ali used two different measuring tools, his hands and teaspoons, to measure the box.




We are looking forward to returning to the classroom in Term Four. We are looking forward to seeing and playing with our friends, reading in our Reading Cafe, visiting Hall and using our doll's house and supermarket, and learning from our teachers and friends face-to-face.


We hope everyone stays safe and reaches out if they have any concerns.


Rhiannon, Melissa, Louise, Khadra and Mandy.



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