Term Two has been busy in Banksia and Bottlebrush. We have welcomed new friends into our classes and said a sad goodbye to others. 


This term, students in Banksia and Bottlebrush starting participating in Hall – our oral language program. Hall is a multi-aged play-based program, where students are supported to develop their oral language and social skills. Our Year Two students have enjoyed acting as role models for our younger students, by including them in their imaginative play and helping our quieter students find their voiceOur favourite stations have been the Post Office, Home Corner and our brand-new Construction Zone. 


In Bottlebrush, we have been focusing on developing our understanding of the numbers to ten. Students have been using their ‘superhero’ eyes to subitise collections – this means, knowing how many objects there are without having to count. We have also been comparing numbers, finding whether a group has more, less or the same number of objects. In literacy, we have been developing our understanding of the common sounds letters make and learning to read our Magic Words. We have been enjoying writing facts about things we know, like cats and trains.


Banksia have been busy this term being scientists. They have enjoyed participating in experiments looking at change and writing about their results. In mathematics, they have been strengthening their mental strategies for addition and subtraction, and sorting and classifying 2D and 3D shapes. 


All students in Bottlebrush and Banksia have shown tremendous resilience and flexibility in moving from the classroom to remote learning. Students have used SeeSaw to complete learning tasks and attend meetings on Webex. All students are looking forward to a return to the classroom at the end of Week Eight.  



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