Come visit Debney Meadows Spoonville and bring your spoon person on an adventure!

Local artist Jacqui Mckinnon creates Spoonville sign

Make your spoon person

Did you make a spoon person during Holiday Club? If you have not made a spoon person yet you will need to come and collect your family pack from the school.

Inside you will find everything you need:

  • Wooden spoon
  • PVA glue found
  • Craft items + texters

Go for a walk and bring your spoon!

If you go for a walk to the back of the school and you will find Debney Meadows Spoonville! Go inside and look at the different places you can plant your spoon.  

Spoonville Storytime

Do you like stories? Come to Homework Club where we will be making stories about our Spoonville adventures with the help of children’s author Sally Rippin.

Spoonville Safety

We have to stay safe in Spoonville so please don’t touch the other spoons and if you run into friends always keep 1.5m distance apart.


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