Student Wellbeing

At Debney Meadows Primary School we believe that Social and Emotional Wellbeing is as important as academic success. In order to be successful adults, students need to develop a healthy sense of self, and be able to develop and maintain healthy and positive relationships. We pride ourselves on the priority we give to Student Wellbeing, and on the programs and processes we have in place. Our Student Wellbeing Coordinator is responsible for working with teachers, parents and external specialists to ensure that all our students are well supported.

Debney Meadows takes a whole school approach to Student Wellbeing. We use Restorative Practices to address behaviours and to facilitate dialogue among our students. This is supported by explicit teaching of positive behaviours and self-management skills. Teachers also teach the knowledge and skills needed to build students’ capacities in empathy, resilience, problem solving, and communication. We work with various educational consultants to build staff capacity in teaching students the skills and attitudes that are needed to build both confidence and resilience. Debney Meadows Primary School is a community of learners that fosters a sense of belonging, which is fundamental to promoting a safe, purposeful and inclusive learning environment.

We implement a range of programs to support student engagement and wellbeing, including:
  • the Be You program (formerly Kids Matter)
  • a Student Wellbeing team
  • giving students a voice through Student Council and School Leaders programs
  • a student buddy program
  • an on-site counselling service and art therapy program
  • a Breakfast Club
  • an on-site out-of-school hours school Homework Club


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