Homework Club

Families are the first educators of their children and they continue to influence learning and development during their children’s school years and long afterwards. Schools have an important responsibility in helping to nurture and teach not only their students but also families, recognising their primary role in education beyond the classroom.


This is why here, at Debney Meadows Primary School, we believe in using a holistic approach to student learning, development and wellbeing. We offer a range of community programs that provide support to both students and their parents/carers, ensuring they feel safe, empowered and connected to their school community and better positioning families to support their children’s learning.


Community programming includes:


Homework Club - Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Service

The Homework Club is a relaxed, supported environment for students to get help with their learning and wellbeing from volunteer mentors. Support is provided on a one-to-two or group basis after school between 3.15 - 4.45 pm. Students and mentors are matched based on their corresponding needs/skills and work together on activities linked to their classwork or specific learning needs. Homework Club will take place in the Community Room at Debney Meadows Primary School. Afternoon tea will be provided. 


Foundation Playgroup 

Foundation Playgroup is a new program where prep parents and students join a supported playgroup during session 5 of school. The aim is to support parents in their understanding of learning approaches used in school, through having them join in play-based learning and reading activities with their children within the school environment. Teachers and volunteers will join to support the program focusing on story-telling, play-based-learning activities and behaviour management techniques. For the first two weeks of the program only the parents will join.


English Language Classes - Kensington Neighbourhood House/Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Service/Assigned Teachers

English Language Lessons will be provided onsite at DMPS. This comes through a partnership with Kensington Neighbourhood House who is providing a funded language teacher. Classes will be delivered on Monday morning immediately after school drop off and will run for two hours. The initial focus will be on conversation skills and assessing the language needs of the group. All attending adults must complete enrolment forms to receive funding from the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE). ERCRS and DMPS staff will assist with the completion of the forms.


Parent's Group - Fardowsa/Kensington Neighbourhood House/Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Service

A Parent Group will run on Friday mornings in the community room. This will program include support around mental health, nutrition and exercise classes, skill-based workshops and cooking classes. A trained psychologist will support the program delivery through running workshops to the Mum’s with topics including Taking care of yourself at Home, Women’s wellbeing and self-care, understanding the education system and more.


Active Friday - Melbourne Victory Football Club/Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Service

Through a partnership with Melbourne Victory Football Club Active Friday will be run at the school with students joining a range of different sporting activities with their families. The details of this program are currently being discussed with MVFC.


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